Dog-Friendly Offices

From the water cooler to the dog bowl: How to make your office more pet friendly

If you’re a lucky business owner who has a pet-friendly office, you know that there are many benefits to having furry friends around. From improved morale and productivity to employee health benefits, having pets in the workplace can make a big difference. But if your office isn’t quite pet-friendly yet, don’t worry! Here are some […]

Employee Engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement and Why it Matters

Did you know that employee engagement is one of the most critical factors in a company’s success? It’s true! When employees/workers are engaged, they are more creative, productive, and committed to their work. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of employee engagement and provide tips for how you can increase it in your own […]

How to have the best art for your office

There is an increasing demand for office spaces to have an arty home-like feel. Understandably so, who wouldn’t want to work in an aesthetically pleasing Instagram worthy space! Afterall, having art up will increase your businesses creativity and productivity. Why art is important for your business Employees are far more likely to want to come […]

Celebrating Pride as a Business

What is Pride? Pride is a huge LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) celebration that takes place yearly in many different countries across the world. It doesn’t matter how you identify, pride should be celebrated by everyone! It celebrates love and diversity amongst people. This year is the 50th year Pride has been celebrated […]

The relationship between health, well-being and productivity in the workplace

There is a strong relationship between health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. When employees are healthy and feel good mentally and emotionally, they are more productive. Conversely, when employees are struggling with their health or wellbeing, their productivity suffers. In this blog post, we will explore the relationship between these three factors and discuss […]


How To Keep Staff Motivated This Christmas

So it’s the festive season and as the date looms closer to the ‘big day’, we can often see a wind-down at work, ready for the holiday. How to keep your team motivated until then? We have a few handy tips… Manage The Workload: The last thing you want is a tired, demotivated team, with […]