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Workspace that’s unique and individual as your business

We’ve been focusing on the various different types and locations of workspace across the UK in our recent blogs. We’ve covered everything from the differences between period and modern glass buildings to waterfront office space. This week we are taking a more detailed look in to one of the featured workspaces in our article on unusual office space where we covered new and existing spaces that are pushing the accepted boundaries of workspace design.

Serviced Office space Shopping List

What should be on your Office Space Shopping List?

It’s fair to say choosing your first or next office space is up there with buying a house or new car when it comes to stress. The number of things to take in to consideration before you sign on the dotted line mean you need our office space shopping list.

Office Space Design

What are the Real Costs of Poor Office Space?

It’s probably fair to say that lots of businesses see their office space as a cost to the business. In many cases office space may be the highest single cost any business has after their payroll. But poor office space can also be the cause of a real drain on resources if it’s not set up well. Which means it could cost your business more than you think.