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5 reasons to work in Birmingham

So why should you consider Birmingham as a place to work? Birmingham has been close to taking over London in terms of development, space and becoming one of the most talked about cities in the UK. Millions of pounds’ worth of investment has gone into redeveloping the city and is still happening today; There were always plans for more food and shopping outlet’s, making space for housing and apartments for up and coming wealthy millennials as well as creating outdoor experiences for families and tourists.

The famous New Street station has been redeveloped and ‘Grand Central’ a new shopping centre has been developed just above the station, this was one of the first stages of expanding Birmingham’s spaces to become bigger and better. Being only just over a one-hour commute away from London, Birmingham is easy to get to and is also becoming a popular commute for London worker’s.

So let’s have a look at the top reasons to work in Birmingham!

  1. Workspace and developments.

A development called Paradise is being set to open with space for offices, retail and leisure. There are so many new and modern spaces to be both working and living in making Birmingham the place to work! There are also developments that have already been completed. The Big City Plan was created in 2010 with an aim of sustainable regeneration including workspaces, public spaces and retail. More than 1.4m square foot of office space is currently under construction:

  1. Food

Birmingham celebrates different cultures and tastes, giving itself a name in the food and restaurant business. Whether it’s a curry, a traditional British fry up or fine Italian dining it’s all on offer in Birmingham. The jewellery quarter, The Mail Box and Victoria Square are a few of the places you can find excellent restaurants. The Digbeth Dining Club is also great if you are looking for street food.

Food in Birmingham

  1. Night life

There are numerous bars and clubs to entertain you if you are going for after work drinks or even a night out! Brew Dog and the Jekyll and Hyde being a few of them famous for their unique cocktails with outstanding presentation! Have a look at this website to get a few ideas: Another cool thing in Birmingham is you can go on a night or afternoon cruise on the Canal and have drinks taking in the beautiful view in the summer. This is definitely something different and would be good for entertaining clients from over seas or even from around the UK. See here for information!


  1. Redevelopment of New Street station – easy access to London

The station and travel access in Birmingham is excellent and it is just over an hour to get to London! New street station has been redeveloped and is full of restaurants, shops and the architecture is all completely refurbished.

  1. Shopping

The bullring is a huge shopping centre with almost every shop you could think of and a huge variety of restaurants, bars and cafes. In addition to this, you now have Grand Central and The mailbox to shop at. The Mailbox is slightly more upmarket where you will find trendy designer shops.

  1. Culture

Theatres, museums and galleries are at the heart of Birmingham. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Ikon Gallery are a few of the most famous. If you are an underwater fan, the National Sea Life Centre is the place for you to visit in Birmingham. For tickets and more information visit



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