Why Co-working is the Perfect Solution for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely ride: and a tough one too! It takes commitment, focus and the ability to really get things done. In order to do this, it’s important you have the right working environment, which is why co-working is becoming an increasingly popular option. The benefits? Well, I think you’ll be surprised…


The Right Environment: Don’t you find working from home you just have so many distractions? The kids shouting during school holidays, the phone ringing with old relative looking for a catch-up, the cat meowing at your feet. It’s almost impossible to work at your peak performance, stay focused and to work your way through that ‘to do list’ effectively. Having the right environment will boost productivity: your own desk in a smart place, giving you the time you need to really knuckle down. As an entrepreneur, it’s also important to establish a positive work-life balance, which is why having a separate environment – helps you to draw a line between your professional and personal lives. (See here for 5 of the coolest offices in the world: Make your space your own!)

The Right People: They say your network determines your net worth, and who you surround yourself with plays a crucial role. Co-working helps to connect you to like minded people, working alongside others who have the same drive as you. Build valuable working relationships, discuss ideas, analyse processes or results and broaden your own knowledge in areas they specialise in too. Often you’ll be working in a space that has people from different business sectors with different skill sets, which can become a valuable asset for you. Co-working amongst entrepreneurs encourages innovation, sparks a little healthy competition and gives you a real sense of community. It provides excellent networking opportunities throughout the whole building and means that as you grow your business: you don’t need to feel alone.

Flexibility: Flexibility is at the core of everything that co-working is about. You’ll have: – Flexible Contracts: Unlike standard office renting, co-working spaces don’t have the long-term commitment with set durations or terms. Instead, you can hire the space on a month-by-month basis, with the option to extend for up to two years: depending on how it’s going and what you’re looking for. Need to upsize or downsize? No problem! It’s hassle free and incredibly convenient.– Flexible Seating: Members of a co-working space can move around depending on their needs. Got an important pitch to work on? Sit in an isolated desk allowing full focus. Got lots of calls to do and want to work alongside others for motivation? Sit within the central part of your office space. You can even hire conference or meeting rooms within your building, at just a fraction of the price: making your business look more professional.– Flexible Schedule: Now although it’s important to have a work-life balance, often- as we look to grow our business around other commitments, we need to have flexibility within our schedule. The great thing is, co-working facilitates exactly for that, with most spaces allowing 24/7 access. This means you can start as early as you want/ need, finish as late as you want/ need, and come & go as much as you like throughout the day. Often, you’ll find others doing the same too, which is always encouraging.

Cost-Effective and Affordable: We understand budgets can be tight when you’re starting out. You need to invest money in the right areas and manage your ongoing costs on a daily/ monthly basis. Now often: renting out an entire office block for yourself or your small team- it’s actually out of the question. It doesn’t really make sense! Co-working on the other hand, is simply a fraction of the price. which makes it a far more feasible option. As mentioned above: contracts with co-working are flexible and most offices are kitted out with everything you need, from computers to phone lines, plus of course desks and chairs! They also tend to have reduced overheads, because most providers include all the expenses in one fixed monthly fee. This makes it easier to manage in terms of budgets and becomes far more economical.

Everything You Need and More: Co-working is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, giving you access to all the essential resources. Wifi is always strong, phone lines are clear, stationery is shared and you’ll even have all the cleaning done for you (because we know you don’t always have time for that!) Goodbye mess, hello efficiency! Many co-working spaces also have an abundance of meeting rooms, security, supportive staff and many even host regular events/ coffee mornings within the building to get you interacting further with like minded people.

Yep, it is pretty neat! To find out more about co-working spaces within your area, give us a shout on 020 3031 8563. We offer free, impartial advice; helping you to find the working environment that’s right for you.


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