Start your day

Four Ways to Start Your Day The Right Way

  1. Don’t Hit SNOOZE!- I know, I know: we all want to stay in bed just that little bit longer (especially when we’re into the winter months), but avoid this at all costs. Studies reveal that this prolonged wake up will actually make you more tired and irritable, as your brain starts its sleep cycle all over again- only to keep being disrupted! Nope, it’s not going to get you anymore winks and it certainly won’t make you feel better, so bite the bullet and get yourself out of bed straight away!
    Start your day
  2. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind– Now we’ve all been told we need to eat breakfast to set us up for the day, but when we’re short on time (probably because of that snooze!), it’s easy to give it a miss. But remember ‘if you change nothing, nothing will change’ so it’s time to start prioritising that morning fuel and getting into a regular routine with it so then -and only then- you can start to feel the benefits! What these will be? Well, your metabolism will work better, you’ll start to feel better, you’ll have improved concentration & performance, you’ll feel stronger & have energy for longer, it’ll actually improve your BMI and- stop you from wanting to eat everything in sight later! Win, win! So ditch the hunger, or cheat-breakfast donuts and make time to get those early-morning nutrients inside!
    Start your day
  3. Time For a Little Reflection– So you’re up, you’ve popped the kettle on, maybe started making something to eat and are psyching yourself up ready to start the day. Now mindset is key so before you go any further- try this for a week (to begin with!) and see the difference it makes… Honestly you’ll be amazed. You can do it in bed before you get up, whilst making your breakfast and on the move, when giving yourself a little sit-down when having your coffee, or even during the drive on your way to work. It’s super flexible, but all about getting into the habit of actually doing it! What this great mystery is?… Consciously running through everything you’re thankful for! Yep, that’s right, it sounds so simple and that’s because it is, but it will completely transform your state.

    Start asking yourself positive questions, like the following:

    – What am I lucky to have in my life right now?
    – What am I really grateful for?
    – How am I going to make today amazing?
    – What am I looking to achieve?

    The more you ask, the more you’ll gain. And if you’re struggling to find the answers, ask yourself things like: ‘okay well what could I be grateful for?’ ‘what simple things do I have that some people don’t?’- Dig deep if you need to because I promise the reasons are all there!
    Start your day

  4. Get Your Goals- Know them, set them, and go after them with all you’ve got! Building on our point above and similarly to the importance of states- if you want to have a good day, you can make it one by adding a little more purpose, direction and determination into it!

    Once you’ve asked yourself what you want to achieve today- start to write it down. Make these goals realistic, inspiring and also something that will excite you! Keep in mind your outcomes- so the reasons why you want to achieve these things, both for the company you’re working for but also -and this is arguably more important- for yourself! Also remember, not all your goals have to be big ones. In fact, often it’s best to have a mix of both big and small. (We don’t want it too overwhelming!) Sometimes it can be simple things like: get out for a lunchtime walk, notice the beauty around you, eat your five-a-day whilst at work or even just have a great big smile on your face for every phone call! -Smile before you dial- 😉

    Get creative and have fun with it!
    Start your day

    What morning routines do you have? How do you start your day off in the right way? We’d love to hear! Share in the comments box below.