The hidden benefits of a Serviced Office

With the post Brexit economy looking a little shaky as the pound comes under pressure on foreign markets, it’s a good time to think about how flexible your fixed office space costs really are. Does your office space boast as many hidden benefits as serviced office providers? 

During the downturn in 2008 many businesses looked for more flexible solutions for their office space. With long leases coming under significant pressure from serviced office providers able to offer flexibility in uncertain times, many businesses opted for short term solutions.

It meant that there was an explosion in growth in the serviced office sector that bucked the trend and saw the start of consolidation in the serviced office market. The clear winners during this period were the clients of serviced office providers. With more choice from the new centres and refurbishments, clients could choose their ideal office space solution.

But with office availability in many areas of London coming under pressure in recent years, the post Brexit economy still faces limited choice and serviced office providers are set to see demand continue to rise in the long term.

So what are the hidden benefits of serviced office space? Well more than you would think…

The Power of Your Network

One of the key benefits of any serviced office business centre is the ready-made network of businesses. Co-working locations are built around the network of people who use them and so are serviced office business centres. Many have regular networking events around breakfast or lunch times and also in the evening.

Transparent Pricing

One of the most significant benefits of a serviced office location is the ability to budget every month. Allowing you to fully understand the costs you can expect when you get the regular invoice.  Generally with all those additional costs included like security and utilities, it’s easy to see how serviced offices are a popular choice.

Luxury without the Financial Commitment

Affording your first office space shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Whilst there is an abundance of budget office space in key locations, many serviced office providers provide high-end office space that’s remarkable value for money when you consider the many added benefits.

Your clients will be impressed with the quality of the beverage kitchens, break-out spaces and meeting rooms at your disposal from providers like Landmark PLC, BE Offices and Leo. These companies have invested in luxury interiors with many unique and interesting features so you don’t have to. The impact they have on your clients can be huge and the benefit to your business can be considerable.

Secretarial Support on hand

Many business centres can offer a number of support options like printing and copying and even binding for that important business report.

But they also offer secretarial support to get typing completed, saving you and your team hours of additional time. This can be a highly useful benefit that can get lost amongst all the many others when you sign up for your new office space. So ask your centre manager for more details. It’s not just about answering your calls and greeting your visitors!

Flexibility to move locations

A serviced office provider with locations across London and the UK can provide a useful hidden benefit. But could provide a cost effective lifeline should you need to relocate. With exit fees and moving costs to consider a better and more cost effective solution would be to relocate to another business centre with the same provider.

The upheaval of moving offices can be difficult enough. Changing your business address on everything can be time consuming and expensive. So anything that makes the process of moving easier should be grasped with both hands.

There are many more hidden benefits of serviced office space in addition to these we’ve mentioned here. The ability to move in quickly with very little inconvenience is perhaps the most obvious benefit. But take a moment to consider all the others that take the headache out of new office space.

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