How to have the best art for your office

There is an increasing demand for office spaces to have an arty home-like feel. Understandably so, who wouldn’t want to work in an aesthetically pleasing Instagram worthy space! Afterall, having art up will increase your businesses creativity and productivity.

Why art is important for your business

Employees are far more likely to want to come into an office that makes them smile. Art and creativity go hand in hand and for creative business this is a must! Art is a fantastic way to encourage creativity, imagination and boost productivity, this is vital for innovation. Your client base will also appreciate art that is really representative of who your business is.

How to represent your business through art

Art that highlights your businesses personality is a must. Personalised art is a great way to achieve this! Commissioned work doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, there are places such as Etsy where you can directly search for art work that you can have customised for a reasonable price. From images that relate to what your business does, to motivational quotes, and even your business logo, you will be able to find a multitude of artwork to fit your brief. For example framed posters of UK Cities would be great for a company working across the UK!

Adding a splash of colour

Bold colourful pieces are a good option for boosting a positive atmosphere. It is scientifically proven that certain colours evoke different moods. Warmer shades (red, orange, yellow etc.) evoke feelings of optimism, creativity and happiness. Be warned however red has been shown to increase a persons appetite so be sure to have snacks to hand! Cool colours (green, blue etc.) are calming and relaxing colours however can also bring along some feelings of sadness if not used effectively. Green is the best colour for concentration and focus, it’s a relaxing colour that will inevitably bring about a peaceful and productive workplace. For a mood-boosting colour try orange. This warm colour will creative a welcoming and energetic vibe within your office. Purple is a great way to boost creativity as it is a combination of both the intense warm red tone and the calming cool blue tone! Fun and bright colours are great talking points and will definitely bring a warmer atmosphere to your office.

Art as an investment

For those looking to splurge a little on an work of art this can be a great investment, plus this directly supports the artist ensuring that they can continue producing their work. Purchasing original works of art feels more special than getting a cheap mass produced print and knowing that your piece is unique and original is a great feeling. With careful research you can purchase jaw dropping pieces that will continue to increase in value over the years to come!

Why not even make your own abstract art as a team building activity. Grab some large canvases, acrylic paints and give it a go! This is a great way to bring your office team together and what a great point of conversation to be had with your clients! Many of our available offices allow for you to decorate your space to suit your own vision or have designed the space with productivity and art in mind. Why not check out our arty spaces now!