How To Keep Staff Motivated This Christmas

So it’s the festive season and as the date looms closer to the ‘big day’, we can often see a wind-down at work, ready for the holiday. How to keep your team motivated until then? We have a few handy tips…

Manage The Workload: The last thing you want is a tired, demotivated team, with a mad rush of everyone working away like little elves, to get everything done before Christmas & New Year. Get organised with the workload and if it’s an especially busy period for your business, have a clear plan of action for how your team will be able to achieve everything ahead of schedule. Make sure it’s an atmosphere of drive and determination, as oppose to stress and pressure. Set targets and goals that have meaning; pulling together that team spirit for support and motivation.

Consider Flexible Working: When family commitments take over ahead of Christmas, a great solution to overcome this is by offering flexible working- whether this is by utilising shared spaces closer to home (Read more here: or enabling single parents to work from the comfort of their home temporarily from the end of school term. The key is to sitting down with your team to find out what they want and need, then working with them for a win, win situation. Happy staff, and targets hit.


Celebrations and Awards: No matter how big or small your company is, award ceremonies are perfect for recognising, rewarding and motivating your staff. And what better time to do it than the end of the year? Whether it’s a simple thing within the workplace, or by hosting a big event- end-of-year celebrations help to keep those spirits high! Similarly, Christmas Work Parties. Practically everyone has them right? So if you don’t, get your organising caps on! It could be simple after-work Christmas dinner or drinks, but it really helps to bring everyone together, and gives staff something to look forward to, towards the end of the month.

Festive Fun In The Office: At a time when people would much rather be our doing their own thing or spending time with their loved ones, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere in the office makes all the difference to morale. Think- background Christmas tunes in the office, lunchtime office decorating (possibly even going all-out with a tree!) Christmas Jumper day, festive cakes & treats, or even some Christmas competitions. How about- a prize for the best decorated desk?! Think outside the box for how to make it a fun -yet productive- working environment.


Secret Santa With a Twist: So aside from making your workplace feel festive, you can also get your team into the Christmas spirit by organising a Secret Santa… Everyone’s name goes into a hat and one-by-one they pick a name out in secret, for which they then have to buy that person a gift! Make this even more fun, by giving it a gift-buying theme. EG. ‘One Thing That Makes You Fabulous’… This works particularly well for a tight-knit group of coworkers, and might still be appropriate for gatherings where everyone knows each other at least somewhat well. It adds a bit of fun and can bring everyone closer together. You can also do your bit by writing individual thank you notes to every staff member, to give on the day of the gift-giving! Short, sweet, but personal, and it shows your staff how much they really matter.

Rewards and Incentives: Different people are driven by different things. Some need to feel valued & appreciated, some need recognition & rewards, and some are driven financially. Understand your staff and what drives them the most, using appropriate incentives- especially when hitting targets. Make sure your ‘Christmas gift’ is one that matches them!

So ho, ho, ho- there’s just a few ideas to get you started. What do you find works best with staff motivation throughout the holiday season? Share your ideas below! And have a very happy Christmas!


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