New Year’s Resolutions For Work

January is the time of year for New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it be fitness, nutrition or spending more time with family, this is the time of year to make a change. Hopefully those resolutions are still going strong as we enter February.

A huge trend this year has been the amount of people who have vowed to make resolutions regarding their jobs. Your career is very important, considering you spend more time in your office than you probably do at home! Therefore, it is important to make positive changes to live a healthy work life resulting in a healthy and happy mind.

So here are our top 5 New Year’s Resolutions, for a better day to day work schedule:

1. Be more organised: Use a new app, a diary or an online calendar to schedule appointments, meetings and to set yourself reminders. Being more organised ultimately leads your mind to being more focused, seeing things more clearly and being productive.

2. Spend 3060 minutes standing up each day: Sitting behind a desk looking at a computer is sometimes bad for your posture and your health. Standing up for about an hour a day can allow your muscles to stretch, improve your posture and also increase productivity.

New Years resolution
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3. Do more exercise: Go to the gym or go for a run before, after or during work. Exercising in the morning wakes you up for the day, motivates you to complete more tasks and increases your metabolism. Staying active is important to reduce stress.

4. Stop looking at the clock! Constantly looking at the time and counting down the hours until you can leave can make you less productive. Do not allow yourself to look at your clock until tasks are complete. You will be surprised at how quick time flies when you are busy and concentrating on the tasks at hand!

5.Pre pack your lunch: Healthy and balanced meals at lunch time, are proven to make you more productive in the afternoon and to fill you up until dinner. By pre packing your lunch you will save money, have a healthier meal and can expand your cooking skills but creating a variety of meals each week! You can do the same with breakfasts and snacks.

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