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Seven Ways to Make Your Office More Inspiring

So, work takes up a pretty big part of our life right? Day-to-day, we’re going to be spending quite a bit of time in an office environment. Whether it’s just a desk you have, a shared office space, or one completely to yourself- here’s 7 ways to make it just that little bit more inspiring!


  1. Going for comfort!– Feeling a long day at the office, as the winter draws in? Well hey: you may as well make it as cosy as you can whilst you’re there… Give your space a little makeover, playing around with different textiles and cushions. It’ll make your co-workers longing for yours!

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  1. Grab a bulletin board and fill it with pictures that inspire you!- Family, friends, dream home, holiday destinations, goals, to do lists, the lot! The more, the merrier; the bigger, the better… So long as it’s not going to leave you day-dreaming all afternoon. We’re adding this to PUSH YOU!

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  1. Have some fun with wall art- posters, stickers, humorous quotes, the lot! Don’t walk into a room that’s empty; have something there that gives you a little giggle or brightens your day in the morning. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make all the difference.

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  1. Epic organisers- A messy desk means a messy mind, or so they say right?! Remove all distractions by getting creative with your desk space. When you have a look around, you’ll actually find heaps of pretty cool options. Which one’s your favourite?

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  1. Let’s make some space- Feeling cramped? Want a little more light and life? We have the perfect solution… And no, this is not an excuse for you to look at yourself (although we’ll all have a cheeky glance right?!)- Instead, these mirrors are going to add some serious reflecting, making the space seem bigger than it actually is!

Inspiring OfficePhoto via Carly Cristman:


  1. Go green!– Okay so maybe this is going a little to the extreme, but a few plants/ flowers in the office will do you the world of good… That fresh air circulating in your workspace, taking out all the bad CO2- it’ll help to fuel your brain and bring ideas to life! Clean, fresh and let’s not forget: it gives you an excuse to take a little break to water them!

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  1. Fly into your day- Okay so maybe this is not quite in your office, but wouldn’t it make you excited to get there?! Maybe one to bring up with the boss 😉

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Have fun! And remember- if you’re looking for a new office space, we’re here with free, impartial advice and property searching. Feel free to have a look through our properties for some inspiring workspaces – 



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