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Henry Wood House: a brand new way to work

In recent years, major companies have begun to introduce the idea of the all-inclusive office – most famously, Google’s US headquarters, with their quirky décor, chill-out rooms and open plan spaces. The idea is to encourage a more holistic work experience, with gyms, lounges, cafeterias and a mind-boggling range of other facilities to keep employees healthy, happy and motivated. Until recently, the only way to get these perks was to work for a corporation big enough to afford them in their permanent office space – but this coming January, The Office Group will open the doors on their renovated serviced offices at Henry Wood House and offer London an entirely new breed of workspace.

Benefits of Serviced Office spaces against Leased Offices

Growing marketplace
Leased spaces have historically been the preferred option for small and larger businesses. Yet things have gradually begun to change and Serviced Office spaces have come into the frame. The technological changes we’ve been dealing with have morphed into changing the dynamics of the office space industry. Serviced offices are becoming more popular, for several reasons which we will explore.

3 Major Factors To Consider When Searching For Your First Office

Searching for office space doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for your first office. Other than your budget there are a few points that Loc8 consider to be ‘major’ factors that will require your consideration before you start your search and this will ultimately determine your search criteria. Loc8 understand that every company is different and only you will know in which order of importance these come.