What Should You Consider When Taking Your Next Office Space?

When you start your office space search there are many things to consider before you sign on the dotted line, not least location, which should be top of your list. So if you get the location right how do you shortlist the best options?

With lots to think about, it’s easy to forget to consider something important that might have a negative impact on your business in the future. So we have put together a comprehensive list to download and use during your office space viewings.

Here are a few of the important  things to consider:

Getting the exact location you need

Just like your home, your office should be in the best location too. OK, so the reasons around location are a little different for your business but the principle is still the same. Location has a big impact on cost just like a house sale. Close proximity to amenities like shops, cafes and gyms will add a premium to the cost of the office.

Back in February we looked at office location in some detail. You can read our blog “Office Location, Office Location, Office LocationHERE.

Getting the right amount of space

Maximising your budget is important. You want to get the best option for the right price. Think about how much space you need. For example do you need a desk for each member of the team or can you manage how the desks are used? Most offices never have every member of the team at a desk 100% of the time. That means you should give some thought to how and when your team are in the office.

Another thing to consider is storage. Do you need to have lots of storage on site or can you use more cost effective space storage solutions offsite?

Remember that if you have a Mayfair office you could be paying the equivalent of the same workstation rate for lots of old files as a member of the team.

Getting an inspiring interior

Offices are not just white boxes these days. There has been a lot written about the affects of small, cramped and uninspiring spaces on the morale of team members. So think about how hot or cold it could be. Will your team be comfortable?

The net effect of bad office design is a drop in productivity. And nobody wants that. So give some consideration to the use of colour or even wall murals. Certain colours can enhance positive moods and really help improve productivity. So give it a go.Ask the team to pick colours. Choose some interesting furniture and make sure light levels are sufficient to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Getting away from your desk

Another positive boost that increases productivity is the ability to get away from your desk for a break, lunch or even a short walk around the block to get a Latte or Flat White.

Make sure there are breakout spaces at the location you select. A lounge area with soft seats is a real plus. Vending machines and a good coffee machine will help team members maximise their time.

A popular addition to the office is a water cooler. It’s famously the location where key decisions are made. But aside from that it’s just a nice thing to have as and when you need it. It will also save your team members a small fortune in bottled water.

Getting comfortable at your desk

So the office has been selected, the location is perfect and the move is about to begin. What about the furniture? It’s something you need to look at very early on in your search. There are lots of differences in the sizes of desk on offer and the quality of the chairs too.

There is clear guidance and legislation about ensuring each team member has the right posture when sat at their desk. It includes the right height for PC monitors or laptops and the height of the chair and correct lumber support.  You can take a look at some very useful advice from the NHS HERE.

Many providers have given a lot of thought to the look and practicality of their furniture. It can’t just look good. It has to work well too.

Getting all the boxes ticked

We’ve only covered a small number of the main considerations you need to take in to account when selecting your new office space, so we’ve created a handy checklist to download and use when you visit the great offices that you shortlist on our site.


Getting further help and support

If you would like more information about finding the ideal office solution for your business please speak to a member of our team who can discuss work space options and other areas close by.

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