When a Home Office Just Won’t Do!

We are often asked if we consider home working to be a waste of time. After all, we sell office solutions! Well the short answer is “not at all”. We work with hundreds of start-ups and new businesses that need a low cost solution like a virtual office in London for example or a simple business address which compliments their business but allows them to continue to work from home without their clients knowing.

That said there can be many problems with home working for those who have to do it in order to keep control of their business costs. After all working in an office environment provides stability and that all too important requirement, human contact, which can be missing when you are working in isolation.

But it can be easy to make the most of the many advantages that working from home can provide. Once you establish a clear routine to maximise your productivity the home working process can be very successful. However it’s also important to understand how you can use the many different ways of working to your advantage.  From a low cost business address to working on the go, there is a solution to suit everyone. And when it’s time to expand your business there’s an option for that too.

Don’t spend the day in your underwear

We can all form bad habits and it can become very easy for people working from home to work in their pyjamas all day. So from day one we suggest creating a routine that mirrors going to the office. Get up, shower and have breakfast. Then get to work.

I work on the sofa because I don’t have a desk

And who wouldn’t want to work on the sofa, feet up and the TV on? The time you have to work should be productive and not full of distractions. According to a *survey by Ricoh UK, more than 75% of UK workers thought they were less productive at home due to a lack of up to date equipment and the everyday things that can take your eye off the ball.

It’s important you make some space at home and have a proper desk area. That means work can become somewhere you go to at home and then shut it away when it’s time to put your family hat on.

Looking credible in your busy market

So working from home provides a great deal of flexibility and with the proliferation of co-working spaces it’s easy to find somewhere to work when you are on the move. But how do you create a professional image when your office is a desk in the smallest bedroom in the house?

Easy! There are many ways to create the illusion that you have a full time office without having to budget for the additional cost. Virtual offices provide businesses with the use of a great address in an area that is right for you. Virtual office services vary from provider to provider and represent great value. Not only can you use the address on all your sales collateral and your website but you can also have all your business post forwarded to you.

Don’t meet your clients in your living room or a coffee shop

Gone are the days when the only option small business owners had for a meeting was the local Starbucks or Costa. These days there is a wide choice of easy to access, low cost meeting rooms that can be booked quickly online. If you need a more flexible space that you can use on a regular basis, why not try a co-working space. Memberships offer flexible working arrangements and great Wi-Fi.

At what point do you know it’s time to take an office?

As companies grow the need for more space can creep up very quickly. When that big new contract lands you suddenly need more people and with it more space.

There is no set time to consider a flexible office space solution for your business. The biggest factor to consider is the cost but once your business has outgrown the home office it’s vital that you move quickly to capitalise on the growth of your company.

The biggest single factor to consider is the “F” word – Flexibility! Without it you risk taking on too much too soon. That’s why a serviced office option could provide a solution that allows you to see how it goes by taking a short licence and perhaps extending later on.

Serviced offices provide a very easy way to literally move out of the home office one day and in to a new serviced office the next. Serviced office providers offer a variety of different benefits, and costs vary depending on location and how long you take the office for. Loc8 Commercial provides impartial and transparent advice to get you the best deal. So you don’t have to worry about finding the right solution on your own. And best of all our service is FREE.

*Source Ricoh UK survey 2014

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