Why Recruitment Companies use Serviced Offices

The UK’s growing £30 billion recruitment sector has been using serviced offices for some time now. The sector has been quick to expand following the downturn with growth of around 10% forecast for 2015/16 and more in the year ahead. But even with expansion this thriving industry is still keen to ensure they optimise the value and flexibility in their office space.

When times proved tough in 2008 serviced offices provided the ability to scale their operations back and make savings during difficult times but as the economy grows many serviced office operators have seen recruitment companies stick with them because of their flexibility, growing the size of their office space in line with the growth of the sector.

There has also been an explosion of new recruitment companies all needing flexible workspace across the UK.  Keen to tap in to the key benefits of a serviced or managed office space, these new businesses have embraced the advances in tech with online applications and job boards. This means they need fast broadband connections to meet the expectations of their clients. Many serviced office business centre’s offer a variety of connectivity options including shared bandwidth and the faster dedicated broadband line.

So what makes serviced offices so attractive to recruitment companies? Here we look at the top benefits that support the growth of recruitment businesses across the UK:

A good first impression really counts

One of the most important factors in the recruitment business is the power of positive “first impressions”. It’s often said that we make up our minds about a person in the first few seconds when we meet them for the first time. The same can be said about the office space of a business. You can feel better about someone handling your future career move when they have an impressive office space that goes beyond just outstanding kerb appeal.


Recruitment companies want their future candidates to be impressed with the welcome they receive at reception. After all, the good work that has been done over the telephone could be quickly undone with a poor welcome and unorganised reception staff. Serviced office operators put in a great deal of effort to ensure their front of house teams are well dressed, well trained and above all are positive and bright and offer that all important initial warm welcome to visitors.

Getting set-up quickly

One of the key benefits with a serviced office is the speed you can get up and running. Many operators will tell you that once the licence has been agreed they can have you set up within 24 hours. This speed in part is due to the flexible options open to you in a serviced office centre. Most offer a range of different office sizes that all have desks, storage and comfortable chairs that are ready to go.

This speed is very attractive to recruitment businesses that need to expand quickly and is why more than 58% of UK recruitment companies stay in the same location when they need to grow.

Top of the wish list

Facilities differ across the various operators but it should be noted that one of the most important items on a recruitment company’s wish list, are well presented meeting rooms. As one of the most important parts of the recruitment process is the initial candidate meeting, it’s important to have available meeting room space that can be booked as and when you need it.

meeting rooms

The flexibility provided with serviced offices allows a business to build their own meeting room space inside their office space. Usually at an additional cost, this option provides total peace of mind. All you have to do is manage who uses it and when!

The big question

A question we are often asked is whether serviced offices really are better value than conventional office space. And the answer can be a long one. In short, the answer is yes. Serviced offices provide a very flexible and fast solution that takes away all the planning and procurement required to get a conventional office space off the ground. This flexibility is key to industries like recruitment companies because it allows them to manage their fixed capital costs and reduce their size in tougher times, something a conventional lease would not allow them to do quickly without potential financial penalties.

And finally…

In addition, reception staff can be seen as an extension of your own team. They don’t just create a really positive first impression for your visitors and candidates; they can also provide invaluable support with secretarial services.

So why do recruitment companies widely use serviced offices? In one word the answer is FLEXIBILITY.

If you are a new or growing recruitment business, talk to us about the flexible benefits of a serviced office for one or two people or a larger space up to 200 or more.

We provide more information about serviced offices HERE

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